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Eva, Edgar and 13 the cat.

Detail of the Zimmer Twins movie editor tool.

Kids choose the characters, props and background then add their own dialogue.

Movies called Telepicks are broadcast on Teletoon.

Printable Tarot Cards

User generated content, convergence, blending media… It’s all captured by The Zimmer Twins.

Steve Szegeti
Director of Online Media, Teletoon

Zimmer Twins

The Zimmer Twins is a first of its kind, cross-media project where users create broadcast programming via a website.

The Challenge

With the changing landscape of media consumption by young people, Teletoon and zinc Roe worked together to develop an innovative way to engage their audience and increase their viewership both online and on-air.

The Solution

With support from the Bell Broadcast and New Media fund, zinc Roe developed a bi-lingual television series driven by animated shorts created by 8-12 year-olds online. At the core of the Zimmer Twins website is a movie-making tool where kids select from a series of animated clips to create their own stories. The best online movies are then selected by the broadcaster and produced for TV. In addition to the movie making tool the website includes games, blogs, an interactive desktop and printable activities for download.

The Results

Season One produced 90 on-air spots for Teletoon and increased 33% in Season Two to 120 spots. Since the site launch in Canada, the Zimmer Twins’ community has grown to 200,000 registered users with well over 400,000 movies made.

In their words…

“Truly, the Zimmer Twins movie maker is one of the best web applications I’ve seen in a while. Creating your own cartoon – and then possibly seeing it on the air – is enormous fun and cleverly done. I made a movie myself and had so much fun I made another with my 6-year-old.”

Dan Saffer – HOW Design Annual 2007

“The Zimmer Twins is a project that takes the best of tools developed to allow users to generate content, and creates an application that points towards the future. This is the TV and the Internet in three years… Now!”

Steve Szigeti – Director, Online Media Teletoon Canada Inc.

“The Zimmer Twins is perfect for our youth audience as it marries the strengths of television and the Internet. And by inviting kids to use their imagination to create what they want to see on TELETOON, it is the perfect vehicle to build a loyal, vibrant and enthusiastic community.”

Athena Georgaklis – Original Programming Teletoon Canada Inc.