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Davin Risk

Lead Designer

Davin Risk has designed and developed online media since every page was grey and Flash was a twinkle in FutureSplash’s eye.

Before joining zinc Roe, Davin served as the Creative Director at ChumCity Interactive and Art Director at Snap Media. He is also the co-founder of the creative studio Fluffco with his partner, Gayla Trail.

Projects with narrative, culture, and community at their core are what drive his interest in interactive media. Davin has contributed to an eclectic list of ventures: large-scale youth communities, art magazines, casual games, e-learning portals, Olympic mascots, video awards, non-profits, museum exhibits, book designs, apparel, TV stations, and more. He even won a contest for sculpting an iPod Shuffle out of banana, apple, and spaghetti.

With a Fine Art degree under his belt, Davin tries to keep his visual artist cred by taking photos. His photography has been exhibited online, around Toronto, and on his own site low resolution.