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Visit World Wonders!

Join Cari from TVO’s A World of Wonders television series on an online trip across the globe. Along the way you’ll unlock the secrets of past civilizations and learn about local cultures. Visit world wonders, discover new countries and explore incredible international cities—all from your computer!

GlobeQuest is a game of travel, trivia and timing for kids aged six to nine—with a definite WOW factor. It’s played like a board game but it’s definitely a lot more exciting. There are multiple activities, including quizzes, puzzles, memory tests, audio challenges, videos and events all packed into gameplay. Plus because game action is randomized, GlobeQuest becomes a brand new game every time, no matter how many times you play!

Play GlobeQuest to find out more about:

  • The world’s continents, countries and cities
  • People and cultures—everything from food and play to language, clothing and music
  • Oceans, seas, rivers and other bodies of water
  • Animals, plants, climates and unique geography
  • Traveling, maps and navigation
  • Ancient history
  • And of course amazing world wonders that make all of us say “WOW!”

GlobeQuest is featured on the popular website and the A World of Wonders show site.