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Great Kookamunga Challenge

Online Game

The Great Kookamunga Challenge is a race to explore every corner of the mighty Kookamunga National Park. The Challenge is the brain child of none other than Iggy Arbuckle – Master Pig Ranger. Players navigate the park using an online map interface. The goal is to complete the entire map by visiting every checkpoint on the map – a total of 115 checkpoints. Players progress through the race by completing a number of Ranger challenges to earn energy. Challenges can include answering trivia questions, playing games and completing group activities. During the active phase of the project the race is monitored and directed by site editors. The game also includes elements of community play where players must work together to unlock sections of the map.

The first players to complete the active phase of the race are eligible to win prizes and all players who complete the Challenge can follow in the footsteps of Iggy Arbuckle and receive their official Pig Ranger Status.

The site was produced with television production partners Blueprint Entertainment and National Geographic Kids. It launched in November 2007 on was made possible with support from the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.