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Stella and Sam

Play alongside Stella and Sam

The Stella and Sam Interactive Adventures are a wonderful way for families with children to enjoy and experience the playful world of the show’s characters. Like the books and the television series, the Interactive Adventures are all about spontaneous fun and exploration. Each adventure follows Stella and Sam on an exciting quest. Children are guided along the way by animated story segments and participate in the experience by playing simple, age-appropriate games.

We produced four adventures for season one: “Rainy Days and Rainbows,” “Into the Snow We Go.” “Backyard at Twilight” and “Go There Square.” Each of the four adventures includes three original games.

The adventures are part of a Stella and Sam microsite zinc Roe created for The microsite is the destination for Stella and Sam fans online, and also features introductions to the show’s characters, downloadable printable activities and stand-alone versions of all of the games. The adventures are also available on the iTunes App Store as apps for the iPad.

zinc Roe produced the adventures in partnership with Radical Sheep Productions, Playhouse Disney, the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund and the Canadian Media Fund (CMF). We also consulted with Marie-Louise Gay, author of the original Stella and Sam book series, during production.