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  • Hot Ticket Map
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The Hot Ticket

A game of melody and strategy for young music-fans.

Are you ready to rock with The Hot Ticket?

zinc Roe created Hot Ticket for the Family Channel, a Canadian English language premium television channel for children and teens.

The Hot Ticket is a game of musical and economic strategy. Players drag and drop locations onto a map to create “Famburg”, a rocking little town that plays host to shows by a wide variety of fictional acts. “The Temper Tantrums”, “Vagablonde”, and “The Jazz Hands”, are among dozens of hilarious characters created to animate locations like “The Golden Cocoon Mall”, The Hideaway” and “Das Beats Dance Club”.

Featuring adorable artwork, catchy melodies and an appropriate level of economic complexity for school-aged children The Hot Ticket is a smash hit.

Do you have what it takes to win The Hot Ticket? Why not give the demo a try.

zinc Roe was assisted in this project by: Trevor Van Meter, Brian McBrearty , and Elaine Hsu.