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TTA iphone slate


  • TTA iphone slate
  • Harvey Screenshot
  • TTA iphone Sound Shaker 1
  • tTA iphone Sound Shaker 3
  • TTA iphone Count Caddy 1
  • TTA iphone Count Caddy 2
  • TTA iphone Sort Slider 1
  • TTA iphone Sort Slider 2
  • Field Flier Splashscreen
  • Field Flier screenshot
  • Pattern Painter Splashscreen
  • Pattern Painter screenshot
  • Word Wiggler Screenshot
  • Word Wiggler Screenshot 2
  • TTA iphone Find Fins 1
  • TTA iphone Find Fins 2

Tickle Tap Apps

Tickle, Tap, Laugh and Learn

Tickle Tap Apps are award-winning age-appropriate educational games preschoolers can play anywhere. These apps kept our very small (and rambunctious) game testers entertained for hours, making it clear that iPhone is a terrific platform for the 3- to 5-year-old snack bracket. It’s so easy for them to hold a device, touch, tap and play!

Tickle Tap Apps are creative, fun and encourage learning through practice and exploration. Playing these apps helps children improve coordination and motor skills and practice preschool-level math, alphabet, pattern, color and spatial concepts.