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Total Drama Online


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Total Drama Online

Get in on the Drama!

Total Drama Online is the official Canadian Total Drama fan site for kids. Like the animated series, which spoofs reality television shows such as Survivor and The Amazing Race, ( in French) is a parody of reality TV websites—with a competitive twist.

The site features all the contestant bios, videos, polls and behind-the-scenes details fans expect from a reality show site. But kids are also encouraged to become members to compete for badges, points and online fame!

Everything members do on the site—from making a Total Drama avatar to playing games, composing songs with the music mixer and voting in polls—counts for points and badges. The site awards points for achievements (like getting a high score in a game) and random participation (like finding a hidden Golden Ticket). Top scorers are showcased on high score lists.

Each month two high scorers are personally selected by the show’s host Chris McLean to become Gossip Mongers and enter the site’s Hall of Fame.

zinc Roe produced Total Drama Online in partnership with TELETOON, Fresh TV Inc., the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund and the Canadian Media Fund (CMF).