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Zimmer Twins


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Zimmer Twins

What happens next? You decide!

Meet Edgar and Eva Zimmer – 12 year-old psychic twins who, along with their pet cat 13, get into all sorts of mischief. The twins weren’t always psychic so learning to deal with their new-found powers of mind-reading, levitating and teleporting takes some work and also takes them to interesting places. The Twins find themselves in the jungle searching for a hidden treasure, discovering the perils of fortune cookies, and teleportation as well as squaring off in a battle for Rock n’ Roll supremacy.

The Zimmer Twins is a unique opportunity for broadcasters to involve audiences in the creative process and provide a truly interactive television experience. Kids create and share animated movies using an innovative online editing tool and a library of animation. The very best movies are selected by the broadcaster and produced for TV. The Zimmer Twins gets kids to use their imagination, hone their story-telling skills and become mini-movie directors!

The Zimmer Twins project has been tremendously successful with over 400,000 movies created by over 200,000 registered members. The site has been nominated as a finalist in the 2006 Webby Awards.