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Stack Master

Watch your balance!

  • Stack Master
  • Stunt Wagon iPhone
  • Flying Furball iPhone
  • Snack Attack iPhone

Zimmer Twins iPhone Games

Four Great Games

How many items can you stack and balance on the Zimmer Twins’ magic tray? Find out when you play Stack Master (Worldwide | Canada), the tricky little balancing game. All you have to do is drag items onto the stack and tilt your iPhone to keep things balanced, but it’s harder than it looks! Watch out for swirls and tap them before they drain your psychic energy. Gain psychic energy back by tapping stars. And watch for sneaky 13 — he might surprise you enough to drop your stack!

Edgar and 13 team up in Flying Furball (Worldwide | Canada). Control 13 as he jumps and ducks to collect fish bones and avoid the nasty obstacles. Collect loads of bonus points for every bone you collect in sequence. Flying Furball will put your reaction times to the test with three exciting levels.

Tilt your iPhone to steer the wagon in Stunt Wagon (Worldwide | Canada). Watch out for the pylons and tires. Tap the screen fly over obstacles. White stars give you special power-ups such as super-speed and bonus time. The green spirals are trouble. They can freeze you into a solid block or send you into the stratosphere! Race through all three levels.

In Snack Attack (Worldwide | Canada) your goal is simple – keep the trick-or-treaters at bay. Don’t let them reach the candy bowl! Tap the screen in line with the costumed kids, power-up and let go to fire. Give them enough candy and they’ll move on. Use the special candy bombs to toss a fistful of candy in one go. Keep the candy flying and rack up the points!

Flying Furball and Snack Attack are powered by the fine coding skills of Sweet Caesar Inc.